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frica: the continent and issues

Africa is a homogeneous continent with an area of 30 million km2 of its rich diversity.

Its fertile land and its natural and cultural resources are exceptional strengths in the service of sustainable growth potential. The challenges of globalization for Africa are the same as those faced by other continents.

Faced with these challenges, Africa, cleared of old considerations and rooted in its realities and values, offers the world its determination and development models.

Indeed, several key factors shape our future:

It is the first world exporter of gold, platinum, diamonds, bauxite, manganese, second for copper and crude oil. It is also the world’s largest producer of cocoa, tea, tobacco, second for sisal and cotton.

Economic growth and development are part now in an administrative environment favorable legal and tax to the emergence of a truly efficient private sector.

Finally, through the implementation of large economic spaces such as UEMOA, CEMAC, SADC … and the entry into force of the OHADA, Africa represents a market of 600 million people and 350 million consumers.

The valuation of all its wealth, the turn of the century, allows Africa resolutely in the reality of the global economy and to take an active part in preserving its own specificities and interests.

President of la Maison de l’Afrique


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