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ysat defines herself as “a singer who does singers’ stuff … And women’s stuff!” From an early age, Aysat knows what she wants: “I will be singer Lady” she said already with certainty to his English teacher when she was only 11 years old.

Too long time complexed by the blackness of her skin, ( object of much ridicule within her own community ) it is today her main charm asset. Her fight today? Defeat all forms of complex and prejudices that still tend to think that Beauty with a capital “B” is not black!

Proof that impossible is nothing, AYSAT puts her songwriting talents to famous French song and released, a few days ago, a first album made freely available to her fans here: Comme il faut…The album reached directly Top5 and several songs are already play listed on radio!

As if that was not enough, she holds a fashion blog for 1 year and a half where are presented daily life looks ideas. On her YouTube channel she post twice weekly Beauty Make up and Locks tips.

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