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ôte d’ivoire tourism is a Public institution-related industrial and Commercial (EPIC) created by Decree No. 92-938 of December 23, 1992.

Côte d’ivoire tourism is the main structure of the Ivorian national and international tourism promotion. Under the technical supervision of the Ministry of tourism, the National Tourist Office has a Management Board and a Directorate-General.


To implement the policy of the Government on tourism promotion;

Promote and develop the tourism potential of the Ivory Coast at the national and international level;

Ensure the expansion of the tourism industry by making known and appreciated by all actions and measures necessary promotions, national tourist resources;

Organize and coordinate the participation of Côte d’Ivoire to the fairs and major trade shows, both at the national and international levels;

Stimulate the tourist flows, group travel, incentives, and Congress from transmitters markets through presence at tour operators;

Tourist information and provide documentation to the local and foreign professionals;

Watch the craftsmen in the areas of production and the marketing of their products;

Provide for physical and moral, public or private, those working in the tourism sector, the technical assistance necessary for the promotion of their activities;

All the studies and all action commercial, industrial financial and real estate that could contribute, directly or indirectly, to the achievement of its purpose.

In its mission of promoting the Agency is assisted by the offices of tourism of Paris, Madrid, Pretoria, Milan, Berlin, Washington, Rio, Ottawa and Beijing.


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