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Nature and Traditions is a dermo-cosmetic natural for black and mixed skin, created by Ms. Assouan Sandrine Amah, chemical engineer, graduate of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne. Fervent Ambassador for the natural beauty, she fight against the depigmentation and shares the vision that Fireworks must stay options and not become essential in the everyday life of a woman.

Taking care of your skin, not to hide imperfections, but rather, to fight them, Nature & Traditions, is precisely to allow her skin, to find its own balance.

“Different ranges have been created that the woman more lurks, but is revealed in all its beauty, in all its glory.” Have smoother skin, brighter, firmer, more hydrated the results of each element of the Nature & Traditions rituals.

particularly attached to the richness of the African Flora, Nature and Traditions, since its inception, is constantly to discover the virtues and benefit from on a daily basis.

Nature & tradition preserves the qualities of these ingredients by cold process. Guests so all the virtues that are contained in the raw materials, carefully selected.

Beans of cocoa, leaves of hibiscus, henna, akpi seeds are all ingredients that we take pleasure in our natural formulations, with expertise and know-how.

immerse yourself in a world of sweet, delicate fragrances and discover the pleasure of taking care of yourself with our flavors of here and elsewhere. Because we also take care of our men and our children, they will also find their happiness.

Nature & Traditions is part as well in the cosmetic custom in Abidjan, in standard cosmetics, here and beyond its borders. Black & mixed skin specialist, we are convinced that every skin is unique. Our products are then developed, taking into account the everyday customer, environmental and socio-economic realities.

Thus, Nature & Traditions responds concrete and targeted to the needs of the black and mixed skin.

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