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logger since 2007 under the blog, then, she is also an editor-in-chief of the site who is an ode to the black woman. Virginia, known also under the name of Vivi, approaches the themes of the beauty, the fashion and the culture with a huge focus on the diversified beauty.

Her ideal media would be that the female media speaks about all the beauties without distinction.

On her blog, she shares her experiences, desires and focuses on women’s entrepreneurship. And because she works on the digital brands strategy, she often mentions the campaigns which dare, are different and approach an innovative and new vision of the beauty.

You can also find her on her Youtube channel where she interviews major players of the beauty industry and speaks about her latest crushes.

The one who declares herself as the number one fan of of Lupita Nyong’ o supports an association that helps children in Benin to get a better education. (Social Circle)

Positive in life, with one foot in France, and the other in Africa and the French overseas, she wants to highlight the Diaspora’s talents, and defend the black and mixed beauty.

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