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ïssata Kamara is the founder and Editor-in-chief of Timodelle Magazine Paris, a fashion and beauty webzine. Launched in January 2009, TIMODELLE MAGAZINE, formerly, built itself in 7 years a strong reputation with the media, brands, the models, the personalities of the fashion and the celebrities worldwide and quite particularly in France and the U.S.


In 2012, supported by a team of 4 people, Aïssata launched a webmagazine with an eponym name. Active on Twitter and Facebook, and the main social medias, Aïssata gathered around her passion and her blog an active, young and hyper-connected and consumer community (Generation Y).

Many web sites already speak about Fashion under different angles, nevertheless we notice that there is no site or blog which speaks about Fashion in its diversity, a media where all the cultures and the origins get involved and find themselves. and that is at the very root of Timodelle, a blog lean towards these men and women who « Make and Are Fashion».

Aïssata decided to share her passion for the fashion and the writing and to make of this blog the first French-speaking destination for the trendy young women of any horizons.


salon-beauty-color-africa-blogueuses-aissata-timodelle-12The readers log on TIMODELLE MAGAZINE PARIS in order to find fashion, beauty and society trends, model portrait and stories, creators and actors of the Fashion industry… but also the good shopping places, and a presentation of the editor crushes!

With a Facebook page updated daily, Aïssata managed to gather a very international, cosmopolitan community, any ages, women and men who wish to share, to be inspired, to inquire and to amuse in a very good spirit.

In permanent quest of inovation, the first thing which characterizes Timodelle and Aïssata nevertheless, it is the heart. Timodelle: The Soul of Fashion, is the fashion and it’s founder soul.

No place for negativity, the main point is to gather without exclusion! To not stop at the picture, because fashion, which for many can seem superficial, is human! The models who are the first faces of the Fashion are presented since the creation of Timodelle in all their humanity.

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